Just Us

Poetry by Maiko Maya

"Just Us" those words uttered a million times
by different lovers
Many took the oath only to betray their own integrity
As the future proves wrong
Their intention
I sit there paralyzed as those words
Left his lips
I swear to you that time stood still
For us
It's the thing we used to say
To convince one another
But we were really convincing ourselves
Weren't we?
That we will
Be abandoned ever again
And left surviving
With only half ourselves
That lives on screaming
For that other missing half
How it plays tricks on you
Watch out before you utter romantic idealistic clichés
To flatter your own ego and quench your thirsty heart
My child my child
Your heart was installed inside the mighty tabernacle
Your mother delivered you
And your father
Protects, guides and orders ALL your steps
Stop singing, "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child"
For your mother so loved you
She delivered you
And your father in heaven
Protects, guides and orders all your steps
You are covered in the blood
It's not whether you were saved
It's whether or not
You were saved
You are whole
Why then do you cry son?
You belong to him
And he has not forsaken you
"Just Us" though said a million times
by different lovers
is sacred
to be used for you
and your heavenly father who makes you whole
When we say, "Just Us" let's smile
In the moment that we have found
Eternal love.