Planet Neptune

You see this scar? It was a close call.
I did this while tearing you out of my heart
It's all healed now. All it is is a reminder
of how painful it was
To love you
I know you meant no harm.
You were just a boy who enjoyed those games
I enjoyed the part when you held my hand
And wrote me poems
Saying things to me like
No other man had
You did a lot of things I enjoyed
We both liked rollercoaster rides and fast cars
A swig of this, A hit of that
And taking vacations on planet Neptune.
Coming back down to earth
I never did enjoy
You see we were too much alike
I should've known when I found out you too loved jumping off cliffs
We each should've found someone who would've caught us
On our falls
Now I bring you peonies
You were the only man who knew they were my favorite
I chuckle every time I read what they engraved
On your epitaph
They don't know you
My love, I will join you soon
To dance, sing and laugh with you
On planet Neptune.


Maiko Maya