Love's Round the Corner

There's a feeling deep inside
There's a change in the winds
And the breeze is letting me know
That something is out there calling me…
It's not very clear
And I can't see it just yet
But I can feel it and I know
Love is sure to show
Love's round the corner
It's getting close now
I can taste it I can smell it
And I'm excited once again!
I'm awake, I'm alive!
I've been asleep for way too long
Like the cherry blossom that leaves no trace
Spring is sure to come
With amazing GRACE!
Poof! Where did they come from?
There they are in full bloom!
Never holding back
Love's round the corner
And I'm ready to love!
My eyes are wide open
I won't miss this chance
Take the time when it comes
To gaze at the blossoms
For it may just be a glance!
And poof! Where did they go?
On the ground I don't know
But I'm ready to love
Cause love's round the corner
I'm ready to let go, set it free once more!


Maiko Maya