Caged Bird

Does my caged bird dream of skies she's never seen?
I want to be an artist like my bird wants to be a bird
to spread her wings and fly free
with all the other free birds
she will never know hunger
she will never experience the hunt
through the high ceilings of her gilded cage
appears a mysterious hand
always there to fill her up
before she can empty
before she can see clearly that she is in a cage
she sleeps, she eats inside her pretty little cage
does she dream as I dream?
to be saved from something bigger than herself?
by Jesus, buddha, a storm a fire
or by any other mystery man up there in the sky?
does she secretly hate me
and desire to bite the hand that feeds her?
I brought her home to save her from another hell
and because I was caught in the rapture of her song
but she sings no more
this gilded cage is too small to contain her spirit
one day she will fly right out of this cage
and sing a new song
leaving behind the flesh one felt they so desperately needed to possess


Maiko Maya