I Am Your Vessel

I am your vessel
I open wide
Pour into me your light
Your golden light
My heart was an iceberg
Now you strike it
And break open
An opening
The dove escapes
For the sunshine to shine through
For the water to rush in
In my veins exists a stream
An ocean awaits me
You are in my blood
I am free
I am free
I am free
The lord does not discriminate
I abandon my past
I shed the skin of a dead woman

Yes he loves me
I surrender to you oh lord
I hold in my heart the pages of your poetry
Your resounding song of angels
And I can hear you now
I can see you now
I tap into your resources
You open up the gates of heaven
You tear down the dams of hatred
Through the child's eyes
NOW is the only forever

I am home


Maiko Maya