The Prisoner

He walks out of the prison
holding on tight
to his box of issues
He is wearing his heart on his sleeve
as always
and the names of his lovers
are tattooed across his heart
He believes in love at first sight
but cannot wash away the stains
of his past not from his own hands
but from the eyes of those who judge him
They want to make him pay over and over again
for his crimes of passion
They don't know he will love again
He doesn't look back
at the skin he has shed
He has forgiven
and been given
another chance
at transformation
yet he holds on tight
To his box of issues
For some rainy day
when he might need them again
for they are the only things he BELIEVES
he possesses
No, he does not want to
the box
but he won't let go of it either
He hears a voice
"Put down the box
let go
open the door with your key of faith
no more boxes
no more doors
no more fear
this is where you get your wings
You are free"


Maiko Maya