Good Riddance!

I once thought the world of you thinking
It couldn't be better than just us two
When I first saw you, you had this way about you
The way you looked at me and pulled me your way
But it was all a plan to take what I have
To take my love and drain me of it
To recreate yourself cause you had no self love
You saw that I loved myself you told me
"It's all about you baby, you're my best friend"
Then with hate behind your words you told me
"you think it's all about you"
Well weren't you the one who made me believe that?
See cause for me, it was all about YOU
You for me and me for you
But you were hiding something
While I opened my world to you
Shared my friends, bed, food,
Laughter and tears
But when things turned ugly for me
You didn't bring me up you let me drown in my sorrow
When I turned to you for help you let me down you left me
For the friends that once left you
Well in my dark and lonely place
Where you left me, I saw the light
I felt free!
Free of your burdens!


Maiko Maya