Thoughts they come and go like angels, like friends

They visit us as they please they whisper sweet nothings

And if we miss that moment then we've lost it forever

They won't repeat them

There are signs everywhere written

By our ancestors cause we don't listen to spirits

We ignore our spirits we shut them out

And lie to ourselves and say,

"this is a new life, this is my life"

They left signs where they made mistakes, they left signs to guide us

In the right direction

We are young, we our old, but the spirits have been here always and they know

They visit you in your sleep, and as soon as you wake up

You forget your dreams

They say, "this is not your life, nothing belongs to you

You don't exist"

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, you can't take anything from this place

But you can leave things behind

A strand of your hair holds secrets, fingerprints and footsteps

Tears that dissipate in the air and come down as rain

Blood stained hands and broken hearts

Words that dwell in the empty shells we called lovers and friends

Empty wombs and empty moments

You're always changing, moving and traveling fast

Hurry think!

Leave something for your people

What will be your last word?

What will be your last meal?

Who will be your last companion?

Where will be your last step?

The bullet never hits the target you aim at

Go find your victim in the hearts of her mother,

Her father, her lovers and friends

What will you leave behind?


Maiko Maya