I Am the Entertainer

I am the entertainer
I'll make you laugh I'll make you cry
I'll dance and sing at the drop of a dime
If you die from laughing then I've succeeded
I spend years creating my masterpiece so that upon completion
I can get a reaction that might last seconds
Then you move on and perhaps I'm forgotten
Here comes the circus
Here come the clowns
We paint on our faces
We strip off our gowns
My smile that once was genuine now must be painted on
And at night washed away by tears
I am the entertainer
I play with your heart I play with your mind
But not before you've played with mine
To entertain you all is all I know to do
You love me you hate me you judge me
And why
Because that's entertainment!
We all entertain and we all want more
This world is made up of pimps and whores
And masters and slaves
All holding hands playing musical chairs
You were all so delighted when I reached my first step to fame
But when I reached the top you craved to see me fall down to my shame
And you pat me on my back and kick me in my ass
You laugh and say it's all just a game
But I'm not laughing
I'm not entertained
This is my life
That's entertainment!!!


Maiko Maya