The Temple We Call Self

How insane is it for one to step away from self in search of self? It is not insane, it is just a lack of recognition of "self". Being guided by ones who don't know self, being programmed that some other will be the dictator of self. Some other will define thy self. Resisting the gravitational pull of self which is one with GOD is the cause of all suffering. You must stay in your place which is in thy self. If help is needed, one will come to you. Going to another who did not ask for your help or guidance to offer them help, requires that you step away from self. Self is your ghostly past. Self is your destined future and self you shall remain in now. Self is home and the temple which GOD has built for you. Be as distant and deep as the silent forest as a recluse and if help is needed, help shall find you there. There is no need to be in the midst of the lost people for them to see you. For in the midst of the chaos you will remain useless and invisible. For that cause you chase, will frame you in their desperation. You will be imprisoned and be forced to live in cages with souls that never sleep under the blanket of the moon's glow nor walk in the golden fields of the sun. You will be infected by their thoughts and surely rot, leading you to hate those you once loved.