The Divine, The Wicked

My dreams are wicked they are divine
are you sure you want to know my mind?
You want to capture and claim my omnipotence
I am the flower with such beauty and grace
So fragile and helpless, you pluck me out
You try and keep me, I perish.
I am the weed, so ugly, notorious
Merciless with such power
You pluck me out you try and destroy me, I flourish.
"I ride on the tiger's back!", you say. "I will enter the dragon"
Never realizing you are chasing your own tail
You are running from that which you are trying to catch.
You are blind, a victim of the colors in my beautiful painting
You are deaf, victimized by my beautiful words
You are struck senseless by your senses
You caught your own disease.


Maiko Maya