Life, The Game of Chess

I have played my life like a meaningless game of chess
A game of chess which will be over and start again.
Making thoughtless moves that are so concrete and unredeemable.
I need to realize that each move counts, it takes me that much closer to the final move.
I also need to find out who it is that I'm playing with
Is my opponent wiser, does she see checkmate?
Is she chuckling at each of my foolish moves
That will bring her to the conquering of my position?
Each day is a fresh new game.
It's my chance to win!
Before I break out the board and line up my men,
I can think about all the games in my past and remember
how I lost, and how I won. I will tell myself, "I will do it different this time, no
I won't do that again"
I will know not to play with that one until I am confident in my game.
Or, not to play with this one EVER.


Maiko Maya