I Am Love

I am Love; I conquer and devour everything in my path * I am almost always misconstrued
I have as many definitions as there are people in this world * Most paint a picture of me; all good,
All so peaceful and happy, painless * But it's false; I am pain and pleasure
Sadness and happiness * I am anger and humility
I am birth and death * I am not packaged up in a square box wrapped in silky ribbon
I am round and eternal and change with the seasons * I am endless limitless timeless
You may think you created me * But I created all the love that is me * So when you pass by and think you discovered me * Such a beautiful thing * I ask you please don't attempt to claim me
I claim you * Destiny is for me to make * And for you to take,.... or leave
And you will walk my path * You will feel my wrath
You will be charmed * Pleased burdened and bitter ** You will try to numb yourself
You want to cut away the half of me that takes you through the pain * And keep all that feels good and comfortable * Secure and safe * You try to hold on saying life is good
God is good but as soon as you * Feel comfortable you take me for granted
You become like the resistant mountain * Wanting to stay in the same place
High above the world
When you should be humble like the river that you look down upon
Passing beneath you, moving around you
While you a fool, feels that you are king
And the river bowed down to you
When really it was giving itself to me
For it will be that river that will come back around
As a tidal wave to break you into pieces
And you will have no choice but to
Drift down the river along with all the other broken elements
Love is a river flowing with effortless ease
Don't be afraid, just give yourself to me
Before I take it, don't worry let go
I know you are afraid and you don't want to be abandoned
I told you HURT you would be, but alone not ever
I will not ever leave your side, above beyond or within
I will be there through in and throughout
You are just looking at the same place all the time
If you would just see that I only moved around
If you don't see me there, you will see me here
Always faithful loyal and eternal, the pain will turn into pleasure if you let go
And give yourself to me
You may try to protect yourself
But you might as well humble yourself
And know, that I am


Maiko Maya