Floating Feathers

I fly high above the ocean in search of my destination. I find a resting-place where I can reflect on journeys past and project a vision for the journey ahead, as I notice him in the depths of the dark chasm beneath the surface of the shimmering icy waters. Suddenly I could feel the shifting of the earth as the last set of heavy winds attempt to lift me up from under my wings. I let them pass and stand firm feeling the beam of light above caress my feathers and warm the sea making it calm and clear. For a moment I could not move and at the same time I felt as if I were falling and I surrender to his World. The sea was filled with bright blues, greens yellows and reds. He circles my spot and we are caught in the rapture of our intrigue. He intrigues me and I want to know him. We are enveloped by this sensation of definite peace and do not take heed to the warnings given to us by the winds and tides. I will never penetrate the depth of his being as he will never rise to grasp my panoramic vision. In the deep sleep we are together in our dream. As the sun abandon us toward a new horizon and the cold winds return, my appetite awakens me and I remember that I am a bird and he is a fish. I quickly dive in the water and swallow him whole.


Maiko Maya